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Ipanema – Leblon – Copacabana – Favela



There will be a 10 minutes tolerance for delays. After that the bus will proceed to the next stop; If the traffic in this avenues get blocked by the city we will inform the new pick-up locations as soon as possible; All tours are not refundable if canceled less than 90 days from the date of the tour.


Price: USD 40. per person

Duration Tour: Around 3hr


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Venture into a Rio de Janeiro favela (the Brazilian version of a shanty town) on this half-day educational tour. See the day-to-day lifestyles of locals who live in one of this areas. With a local expert guide, you’ll travel inside the favela, interact with locals and gain a new understanding of Brazilian society.We are sensitive to the issues and concerns surrounding favelas and we understand that this tour may not be suitable for everyone. We strongly believe that the purpose of this tour is for educational reasons alone and allows for a better understanding of Brazilian life inside a favela. Furthermore, the local tour operator is charged a rate by the visited favela committe, and as a result, money is going back into the community.Built around the edge of Brazilian cities, favelas are underdeveloped, overcrowded settlements, many of which over time create their own organizations and become their own small communities. Rio consists of 500 different favelas and with a third of the city’s population living in these towns, the socio-economic differences between the favelas and the city of Rio are very apparent. However, in recent years, favelas surrounding Rio have become more urbanized with the building of some houses, installation of electricity, running water and practicing proper sanitation practices. This will allow you to interact with the locals and give you an up-close look at living conditions, lifestyles and day-to-day life inside a Brazilian favela.It will be once in a life experience!

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